Bpmn Association

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The BPMN Association article focus on the definition and usage of the association element as documented in the BPMN 2.0 specification. The example process diagram illustrates the correct use of the association annotation. The BPMN Guidelines section contains a detailed set of rules that apply to the association and explains how the element may or may not be used within the different BPMN diagrams.

What is an Association?

“A connecting object that is used to link information and Artifacts with Flow Objects. An association is represented as a dotted graphical line with an arrowhead to represent the direction of flow.” ~ BPMN Specification

BPMN Notation

The BPMN specification defines the Association element using the following description and notation:

AssociationAn Association is used to link information and Artifacts with BPMN graphical elements. Text Annotations and other Artifacts can be Associated with the graphical elements. The same as an association except, an arrowhead on the Association indicates a direction of flow (e.g., data), when appropriate. 

BPMN Notation: Association


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