BPMN Signal Event

BPMN Signal Event

The BPMN Signal Event article provides a detailed explanation of the signal event element, including the BPMN notation, an example diagram and guidelines.

The BPMN Signal Event article focus on the definition and usage of the signal event element as documented in the BPMN 2.0 specification. The example process diagram illustrates the correct use of the signal event annotation. The BPMN Guidelines section contains a detailed set of rules that apply to the signal event and explains how the element may or may not be used within the different BPMN diagrams.

What is a Signal Event?

“The Signal Event differs from an Error Event in that the Signal defines a more general, non-error condition for interrupting Activities (such as the successful completion of another Activity) as well as having a larger scope than Error Events” ~ BPMN Specification

BPMN Notation

The BPMN specification defines the Signal Event element using the following description and notation:

Catching EventsThrowing Events
Start EventIntermediate EventEnd Event
StandardEvent Sub-Process
Event Sub-Process
Boundary Non-
Signal Event

BPMN Notation: Signal Event


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