Docker is an open-source platform that makes it simple to build, distribute, and run applications inside of containers. It offers a collection of tools and services that make it easier to create, ship, and run containerised applications. The docker container image contains the code, runtime, system tools, and libraries that are required for an application to function. These images can be kept in a registry like Docker Hub, downloaded, and used on any device that has Docker installed. The docker command-line interface (CLI) and API allows you to manage and interact with containers. It furthermore includes tools for orchestration, networking, and security to support the deployment of large-scale, distributed applications.


Colima Essentials

Colima Essentials

The Colima Essentials article provides you with a brief introduction to Colima. It provides an installation guide and command-line commands to set up a local container runtime on your machine (macOS, or Linux). Continue reading Colima Essentials